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On STN Digital's Business of Social podcast, we speak with industry experts to provide insight into the always changing digital industry. We examine how brands successfully increase their affinity, analyze trends, and formulate strategies to be the guiding light for cutting-edge content in the digital space.

Aug 27, 2019

On today's episode we were joined by Dana Robinson, the VP of Content at StockX. Dana has worked at NBC, Fandango, Turner and is now overseeing all things content at StockX. 

We spoke with Dana about building a loyal brand following and what steps brands need to take in order to come across to their fans as authentic....

Aug 15, 2019

How do grow your customer base? How can you turn someone from a one time buyer to a repeat customer? Which data should you be focusing on to help grow your sales numbers? 
If you want the answers to those questions, Emad Kazi has you covered. He has worked at Apple, eBay, Lyft and is now the Global Lifecycle Manager...