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On STN Digital's Business of Social podcast, we speak with industry experts to provide insight into the always changing digital industry. We examine how brands successfully increase their affinity, analyze trends, and formulate strategies to be the guiding light for cutting-edge content in the digital space.

Jan 9, 2018

The self proclaimed "crying girl" from The Bachelor & Bachelor In Paradise, Ashley Iaconetti joins the show! Ashley has impressively capitalized her reality-show fame into a successful influencer
With over 1,000,000 loyal followers across social media and her podcast (which received 50,000 downloads on its first show), Ashley discusses the Business Of Being A Influencer, how she works with brands, what brands are doing wrong when working with Instagram Influencers and much more!
In this episode Ashley I. breaks down:
  • How many brands she has worked with
  • What brands are looking for in terms of ROI when they partner with her
  • What her most successful brand partnership was
  • How the Instagram algorithm has affected organic reach
  • How her Snapchat audience changed after the launch of Instagram Stories
  • The social platform that gets the most organic engagement and success.
  • The future for social influencers
  • Her most engaging post to date
  • The one influencer doing it right in her opinion.
  • Where is there currently untapped attention in the digital landscape.
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