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On STN Digital's Business of Social podcast, we speak with industry experts to provide insight into the always changing digital industry. We examine how brands successfully increase their affinity, analyze trends, and formulate strategies to be the guiding light for cutting-edge content in the digital space.

Apr 20, 2018

Sahil Patel is a Senior Reporter at Digiday who leads coverage on the video industry.  Sahil has covered TV and online video for multiple years at VideoInk and Cynopsis Digital, given him inside knowledge with publishers and the social networks on their goals and how they move forward.

On this episode, Sahil talks shop about how technology is disrupting social and how publishers are fighting to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. Here are some of the topics:

  • [01:04] - The most disruptive factor in media
  • [01:56] - Where linear TV is going in the next 5 to 10 years

  • [03:23] - Viewership numbers and their effects on advertising and monetization

  • [05:46] - The future of Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal

  • [08:43] - How Facebook’s changes affected publishers and media conglomerates

  • [12:00] - Facebook Watch and the pay-to-play model for publishers

  • [16:10] - The connection between Facebook and Instagram

  • [18:09] - Twitter's first profitable quarter and what’s next for them

  • [20:45] - Snapchat's identity and PR crisis

  • [22:50] - ESPN's original content deal with Snapchat 

  • [25:42] - The new streaming apps, Bleacher Report and ESPN+

  • [29:00] - The effect of tech companies bids for large sports events

  • [30:48] - The fear of relying too heavily on a social platform for revenue

  • [33:10] - The potential for a new social platform

  • [35:05] - How it's a great time for original content?

  • [37:42] - Equating views on social to views on linear TV

  • [41:59] - A peek into future of social and digital?


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